So, What Will Be Your Legacy?

Your legacy is putting your stamp on the future. It’s a way to make some meaning of your existence: “Yes, world of the future, I was here. Here’s my contribution, here’s why I hope my life mattered.”

Much of our lives are spent in the pursuit of wealth so that we can provide for our families, enjoy the “good life”, and provide something for our heirs. Sometimes it can be easy to see the trees, but miss the forest. This is true when it comes to planning for your estate.

You can get mired in the tax laws, the tricks and the tools, and even some petty family squabbling. Then again, there are those planners who find direction in an old axiom: “Don’t just leave an estate. Leave a legacy.”

An estate is just so much stuff, figuratively or literally. However, a legacy is so much more. As in the movie “Pay It Forward”, we have a chance to make our own world better by leaving our own mark on the world, even if it is by small random acts of kindest.  Whether a beloved memory with your family or even a contribution to those around you, leave a “legacy”.

When you are considering this notion of your “legacy,” take time to think through what you are trying to achieve.

So how do you work out your legacy?

Fortunately, there is some help in a recent article in Forbes titled 4 Smart Ways To Leave A Legacy”.

Certainly, there is no one way to leave a legacy, or even a single way to guarantee it.

In the end, it is your call when it comes to the legacy you wish to leave. Nonetheless, leave a legacy, not just your money.

Reference: Forbes (August 1, 2013) “4 Smart Ways To Leave A Legacy

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