Open Season On Medicare Enrollment- Tips for Utah Citizens

Medicare’s open enrollment season begins Tuesday October 15. That’s when the nation’s 50 million Medicare beneficiaries who are 65 or older can choose, switch, add or drop their 2014 health and prescription plan coverage. The open enrollment period is scheduled to end December 7.

And so the race is off! That is to say, Medicare open enrollment period began as of October 15 and beneficiaries have until December 7 to find the right plan and sign up. Earlier is better, as in all such decisions, but all the same you (or your loved ones) should take great care in selecting a plan this year since it is no typical enrollment period.

The trouble with this enrollment period is that it is more confusing than ever before. Medicare reform, the opening of Obamacare exchanges, and no small amount of political dysfunction have seeded misunderstanding and misinformation. Consequently, this environment has left the door wide open for elder abuse and Medicare scammers.

If you (or your loved ones) are facing this confusion head-on, and perhaps for the first time, then it helps to have a new set of tips for the current year. Fortunately, Forbes lends a helping hand in a recent article titled “Tips For Medicare’s Tricky Open Enrollment Season.

This also is a good time to bone up on the subject of Medicare, as local community seminars and informational hearings can be a great resource.

Reference: Forbes (October 14, 2013) “Tips For Medicare’s Tricky Open Enrollment Season

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