Adult Day Cares Reduce the Care Giving Burden in Salt Lake City

Adult day care centers provide care and companionship in a group setting to seniors who need supervision during the day, allowing their caregivers to go to work or take a much-needed break.

The balancing act of caring for an elderly loved one can be difficult, expensive and exhausting. You want to ensure they receive the care they need, yet at times you may feel overwhelmed.

Elder care options are often appreciated and one intermediary option was recently covered in an ElderLawAnswers post titled “Adult Day Care: Providing a Break for Caregivers.

While there are a number of types of actual facilities, sometimes you don’t quite want or need a facility.  Medicaid and Medicare are emphasizing home care.  Many times home care responsibilities fall on the shoulders of children or other close relatives of those receiving care.

The difficulty faced is the burden this places on the caregiver, and the limitations it imposes on the lifestyle of the elderly loved one. A convenient solution is adult day care, a service less diminutive than the name suggests and rather quite useful as an intermediary option to take much of the burden off of the caregiver.

Adult day care programs vary widely, both in substance and in availability. As a result, it is wise to snoop around in your local area and consider your needs. The costs tend to be modest, in the grander scheme, and various health insurances or long-term care insurances will cover or defray the cost. Medicare, unfortunately, does not yet pay for this type of service.

Reference: (April 11, 2014) “Adult Day Care: Providing a Break for Caregivers

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